My Philosophy

From the beginning of humankind, man has always been a creator, and due to the power of his creative imagination he has been able to preserve the testimony to his artistic and cultural achievements over thousands of years.

As a creator and a designer, it is my highest ideal to be able to express part of my inner self in my works.

More than anything else, it was the cultural trends and movements of the European Renaissance of the 16th and 17th centuries that inspired me, both in literature and aestetics. Following the steps of the geniuses of the Renaissance and trying to understand their artistic development, I formed an opinion of our world as a place in which everything is, at the same time, change and permanence - a marked contrast to the conception of death.

My main themes, i. e. the topics which I prefer are above all the subject "woman", as a symbol of life and fertility, the world of animals (in particular the horse) and plants, and the town and the city as centres of all human life.